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Keltic Kudzu

Enjoy ‘Keltic Kudzu’ Band live at 2019 ‘Return to the Green’ and a great Irish dance performance from the Westend Dance Company

Please contact Marty Flynn with questions about Return to the Green at 864-525-8319.


12 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Marsha says:

    There is a typo about Fluor field on this link. They listed it as Flour field:

    • flynnmmf says:

      As regards the previously noted incorrect spelling of ‘Fluor’ as ‘Flour’, please accept our apologies, we were just promoting our wonderful Irish Bread that will be at the event.

  2. Richard Ottino says:

    Can you still get the shirts sold there?

    • flynnmmf says:

      Hello Richard,
      We usually have shirts left over from previous events. Let us know which year you are seeking.

  3. says:

    will Return to the Green, return to the Peace Center amphitheater for 2015?? We loved that location!

    • flynnmmf says:

      No it will be at Fluor Field again. Sorry, being a free event we cannot afford the high rental costs of the Peace Center amphitheater.

  4. Sarah says:

    Is there an opportunity for vendors for the 2016 event?

  5. Kathleen Jolly says:

    we have a Girl Scout troop that would love to march in the parade! Is that a possibility? We have a banner and of course we wear plenty of green!!!!

    • flynnmmf says:

      Hello Kathleen,
      Our parade is a small parade around the baseball stadium infield and yes your troop can be a part of it if you would like to be.

  6. beth says:

    If trolleys running, where can we get on to take to festival?

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